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Founded in 1994, Corporate Research Forum (CRF) is a membership organisation whose international focus is on research, discussion and the practical application of contemporary topics arising from people management, learning and organisation development. CRF has become a highly influential focal point and network for over 170 members representing a cross-section of private and public sector organisations.

  • Its annual programme of research, events and publications fully reflects members’ interests, in addition to the annual international conference. Side meetings and interest groups are also initiated to meet challenges that members might have.
  • Contributors are acknowledged experts in their field with a worldwide reputation as leaders and innovators in management thinking and practice.
  • Sharing and collaboration among members is a key feature of CRF’s activities. We actively encourage networking at all events, and especially through member lunches and HR director dinners.
  • CRF is led and managed by highly-regarded former HR professionals who have a passion for delivering excellence in the leadership and development of organisations and people.

CRF‘s goal is to be valued for excellence, rigour, relationship building and providing an independent view which, together, lead to measurable improvement in members’ people and organisation performance.

For more details on how your organisation can benefit from membership and the associated fees please contact Richard Hargreaves, Commercial Director, on +44 (0) 20 7470 7104 or email richard@crforum.co.uk.

Richard Hargreaves Commercial Director, Corporate Research Forum

Having a diverse representation of talent in the organisation isn’t the goal. Instead, when diverse talent feels included, valued and a core part of the team without having to become like the ‘norm’, then organisations see substantive gains in creativity, engagement and productivity. But how can we create an inclusive culture that supports diversity and productivity? 

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    Karen Ward CRF Associate
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    Dr Wanda Wallace President and CEO, Leadership Forum, Inc
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    Jonathan Kohn HR VP UK, Ireland, Nordics and South Africa - Shell


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