Harnessing the HR Technology Revolution


Rami Pukkila, Head of HR Digitalisation and AI at Nokia, Ian Bailie, Managing Director, myHRfuture Academy, Nigel Guenole, Director of Research at Goldsmiths, University of London, and Gillian Pillans, CRF’s Research Director, will be discussing CRF’s latest research, and exploring the opportunities and pitfalls of the new HR technology landscape for organisations.

This will be an opportunity to put questions on HR technology to some of the leading experts in the field. Discussion topics will include: 

  • What major trends are we seeing in the evolution of HR technology? What can we expect next?
  • What are the opportunities these technologies offer and what are the implementation challenges?
  • What has been the impact of AI on HR systems so far? Just how widespread is AI, or is it all hype? How do we expect the use of AI in HR to evolve?
  • What practical considerations should organisations take into account when developing their strategy for HR technology
  • How do we make good technology choices in a rapidly changing digital environment?
  • What skills do HR practitioners need to build in order to benefit from advances in technology, data and AI?

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Karen  Ward Karen Ward CRF Associate Bio
Dr. Nigel Guenole Dr. Nigel Guenole Director of Research Goldsmiths, University of London Bio
Rami  Pukkila Rami Pukkila Head of HR Digitalisation and AI Nokia Bio
Ian  Bailie Ian Bailie Managing Director myHRfuture Academy Bio
Gillian Pillans Gillian Pillans Research Director Corporate Research Forum Bio