Developing great leadership

In this video, Professor Geoff Bird, Associate Professor in Experimental Psychology at University of Oxford discusses the principles of adult learning and the ways leaders can help motivate their employees. Listen to this short CRF video to learn more about adult learning, the neuroscience behind it and some motivational strategies for your organisation. 

In the second article from "Progress", CRF's e-magazine, we look at learning from a different perspective – a crisis. Matt Nixon, Principal at Disraeli Group, shares his tips on what to look out for when a crisis breaks to learn from it and survive the next. Matt also provides tips for HR professionals. 

The re-humanization of leadership has become one of the most pressing issues of our times. Read this article from Duke CE's "Dialogue" to examine the VUCA challenge for leaders, what traps leaders fall into when dealing with complex problems and how to move forward and make good decisions.

The ultimate purpose of leadership development is to deliver strategy over the long term. Fit-for-purpose leadership development needs to be thoroughly grounded in business strategy, and based on a robust analysis of needs. It also needs to be designed in line with how adults learn, which primarily means learning from experience rather than in the classroom. Read the executive summary of CRF’s popular research report to find out how to develop fit-for-purpose leadership development programmes.

The unparalleled pace and scale of change today is creating seismic global shifts across social, economic, and political systems. These shifts, in turn, are converging rapidly to transform an already volatile and complex ecosystem into a powerful vortex that has the potential to destroy organisations. The key to avoiding the strengthening pull of the VUCA vortex lies in organisations being able to develop a leadership system that operates in a perpetual state of readiness for the unexpected. Read this article from Duke CE to find out how to develop this type of leadership network in your organisation.

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