Navigating the Future of Jobs, Work and Careers

What will future jobs look like, and how can organisations and individuals anticipate, plan, develop and deploy the skills and talent needed to meet tomorrow’s strategic needs? Listen to our on-demand to find out. 

Together with Gillian Pillans, Sarah Hamilton-Hanna, Dave Millner, Julia Howes and Nick Shackleton-Jones, this CRF webinar looks at the economic, demographic and technology context shaping the future of work and drills into specific examples and recommendations around planning for the future capabilities required, rethinking careers, and reshaping learning and development strategies.

Listen to the on-demand webinar from Corporate Research Forum (CRF) to:

  • discover the current demographic, economic and technology trends shaping the future of work
  • develop effective HR strategies for talent management, workforce planning, and learning and development
  • examine your business needs in terms of key skills of the future
  • develop strategies for responding to future uncertainties.

Who should listen to the webinar? 

The webinar provides a perfect learning opportunity for all HR professionals concerned with business strategy, workforce planning, and talent development.

The webinar recording is available from the media player below.   

Our resources library also supplements the recording by giving listeners access to various pieces of research and articles focused on the future of work. Explore it here


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Gillian Pillans Gillian Pillans Research Director Corporate Research Forum Bio
Sarah Hamilton-Hanna Sarah Hamilton-Hanna VP Human Resources - Food & Beverage Solutions Tate & Lyle
Dave Millner Dave Millner Founder & Consulting Partner HR Curator Bio
Nick Shackleton-Jones Nick Shackleton-Jones Director, Learning & Performance Innovation PA Consulting Group Bio
Julia Howes Julia Howes Principal, Multinational Client Group Mercer Bio


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Digital technology is disrupting entire industries and changing the way companies do business across all stages of the value chain: how they develop, market, produce, sell, and deliver products and services. As companies change their business models, they are also challenged to think about their future workforce.