What differentiates a great HR Director?

Would you like to excel not only in your current HR role but also in future? Perhaps, you are looking to deliver a bigger impact in your current role but struggling to achieve a desired effect?

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For over 25 years CRF have been researching what differentiates great HR functions and great HR people, whilst our sister organisation, Strategic Dimensions, has talked to hundreds of business clients and CEOs and has a deep understanding of what they look for in their HR people. Combining insights from both sides of the business, CRF’s webinar will explored the qualities and commercial capabilities of truly exceptional HRDs that will help aspiring HRDs assess their strong qualities but also focus on developing weaker capabilities. 

During this webinar we explored the qualities of great HRDs and discussed the following:

  • the importance of value creation in any business and the role of HR
  • how organisations really work and how to get things done in the real world
  • how to create credibility within the business
  • measuring the impact of HR initiatives. 

To view comments and questions from the audience, please view the discussion below the video player window. Alternative, find us on Twitter (@C_R_Forum) with a #CRForum hashtag. 

You can also access a variety of thought-leadership articles and reports on this topic within our webinar library here. 

For further information on our webinar programme please contact Viktorija Verdina at viktorija@crforum.co.uk.


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