HR Analytics: does the reality live up to the hype?

Analytics is emerging as the next big trend for the HR function and is seeing a lot of interest.  However, is all this hype justified and can HR analytics propel the function forward and add value to the organisation? Listen to CRF's webinar to learn what analytics can really deliver for HR and to learn more about the current trend. 

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Analytics is the identification, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Since organisations have started to apply analytics to business data, it also became a prominent topic area within the HR community offering significant improvements in recruitment, performance and talent management, workforce planning and employee engagement. But are these claims justified?

This Corporate Research Forum (CRF) webinar explored the current trends within HR analytics and considers the following questions:

  • can analytics be successfully applied to HR systems and processes? 
  • what are the success factors in deploying HR analytics?
  • what are the business benefits of using analytics in HR, if any?
  • what are the current trends in the use of people analytics?
  • how are other organisations using HR analytics and what business problems are they solving?

Who is it for?

If you are an HR Director, or a functional HR specialist looking to begin your journey in HR analytics, or if you are looking to review the progress your organisation has already made, this will be a perfect place to start. While aimed at HR professionals interested in people analytics, this webinar will be valuable to anyone with a general interest in HR Analytics. 

To watch the webinar, click the Sign-up button above to access the recording. 

For further information, or questions relating to the webinar, please contact Viktorija Verdina, Research Executive, at 


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Analytically curious HR professionals wanting to join conversations about analysis might find learning all of the jargon and complexity daunting. However, this paper presents a view of research design and analysis that will enable informed participation in workforce analytics discussions. Note: Content is adapted from “The Power of People: How Successful Organizations Use Workforce Analytics to Improve Business Performance”. Pearson FT Press

At a roundtable event in March 2017, Corporate Research Forum members had an opportunity to share experiences of implementing HR analytics. This note summarises the discussions and provides a glimpse into the areas HR professionals most often struggle with when it comes to implementation of HR Analytics. It also provides recommendations for other HR professionals and asks questions around the effectiveness of people analytics.