The Business Case for Personality Assessments

The Business Case for Personality Assessments

Most people would agree that making the right hiring and promotion decisions can make the difference between business success, mediocrity or failure.

Given the costs of recruiting, on-boarding and training new hires, as well as the time it takes for people to become truly effective in their new role, business leaders and HR are only right to focus on the return of investment of talent decisions. 

As with all business and investment decisions, some data is better than no data. With talent decisions, data typically comes in the form of interview answers, references and personality assessments. While many organisations use personality assessments for the short-listed candidates or as a final check with their number one candidate, research suggests there is a strong case for using personality assessments more widely.

This brochure presents example of how organisations have effectively used the Hogan Assessments to increase staff productivity, lower turn-over and reduce safety-related incidents. The examples shared are intended to support discussions between HR and business leaders around the business benefits of using personality assessments.