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Your first 100 days as the new Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) provides a window of opportunity to build a solid foundation for long-term success. It’s a time to gain the confidence of the CEO, the executive team and those in the HR function, and to secure an in-depth understanding of your new environment. This is a unique opportunity…one you will never have the chance to do over. How can you make the most of it? This paper by Mercer looks at the areas you should focus and the aims you should strive to achieve. 

In Mercer’s recent Global Talent Trends Study, only four percent of HR leaders reported that HR is seen as a strategic partner in their organization. Furthermore, over 80 percent indicated that their talent processes need an overhaul. How did the gulf between what HR intends to be — a strategic partner — and how HR is perceived — an undervalued resource — get so big?

There are several talent trends driving the question around HR’s value. The prevailing HR operating model, and how organizations have implemented it, also brings challenges. This paper examines these issues and provides Mercer’s view on what HR can do to redefine its value in today’s evolving talent economy.

In today's rapidly changing business environment, it's more important than ever for HR to be commercial, close to the business, and clearly aligned to business strategy. However, the reality for many organisations is that HR is often disconnected from business priorities, and HR's contribution to critical strategic and commercial objectives is not always clear.

CRF’s new research report considers the current state of the HR function, and looks at the role HR should play in helping develop and execute strategy, and how HR can become more business-relevant. 

CRF has been researching the field of HRM, and turning this into actionable recommendations implemented by HR functions, for over 20 years. We have built an understanding of how the function has evolved, how its reputation has varied and the fads that have come and gone. We have gained insight into what works, what doesn’t, and under what circumstances. Our work contrasts with many self-appointed experts and gurus offering their view of the world based on unsubstantiated opinions. We prefer an approach rooted in the principles of social science based on evidence. 

Our intention in this manifesto is to give our views on the business context, the necessary organisation response and how and in what way the HR function can make an enhanced contribution to the business. 

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