Data-driven resourcing: what is the future of recruitment?

Are you involved in planning your talent and resourcing strategies, and looking to improve the overall recruitment and talent strategy? Perhaps, you are interested in exploring current innovations and recruitment trends? 


Listen to our webinar on resourcing to explore key shifts in recruitment practice and hear some practical advice from our speakers on how to improve the effectiveness of your resourcing strategy, and deliver value to the business. 

This is a recording of the live webinar that took place on 10 July and was chaired by Karen Ward, CRF Associate and Research Director of Aditi Unlimited. Karen has worked with Senior HR and OD professionals for over twenty five years exploring how the HR function can add value to the business. 

Through debate and conversation with senior HR decision makers from global business, this CRF webinar explored and debated the following:

  • how new technology is impacting recruitment
  • findings from CRF’s latest research report
  • how top organisations are tackling recruitment challenges
  • new tools for improving selection decisions
  • how to align recruitment strategy with business strategy.

Who should listen to the webinar? 

The webinar will provide a perfect learning opportunity and stimulus for a number of HR professionals:

  • Heads of Recruitment and Talent Acquisition with an active interest in recruitment trends and strategy 
  • Resourcing specialists 
  • HR Directors overlooking the overall HR strategy 

You might also be interested in the accompanying resources library, which contains further complementary resources relating to the topic. 

To listen to the webinar, please login with the username and password you have created originally, or click the 'sign up to watch' button and follow the registration process to access the recording. 


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Most people would agree that making the right hiring and promotion decisions can make the difference between business success, mediocrity or failure.

Given the costs of recruiting, on-boarding and training new hires, as well as the time it takes for people to become truly effective in their new role, business leaders and HR are only right to focus on the return of investment of talent decisions.

This brochure presents example of how organisations have effectively used the Hogan Assessments to increase staff productivity, lower turn-over and reduce safety-related incidents.

This is a year of fundamental change for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) HR and risk departments, as they face a barrage of new and emerging challenges.There is the long-awaited GDPR implementation, the uncertainty of Brexit negotiations, the continued move towards contingent and flexible working, and ever-present technological disruptions. 

Despite the fact that there is so much change to address, the 2018 HireRight EMEA employment screening benchmark report reveals that, for many businesses, growth is a top priority. As a result, hiring rates are expected to rise – in many cases, significantly. 

The report, based on the thoughts of EMEA HR and risk decision makers, reveals a number of other key recruitment and screening trends this year. In particular, it looks at the shifting focus from attracting talent to retaining it and a continued emphasis on the candidate experience.

In an ever growing global workforce, one of the biggest challenges for recruiters is avoiding a bad hire. With the challenges recruiters’ face increasing, getting the right person for the job is a hard task, and the stakes are higher than ever. Risk mitigation should be one of the top prioroties for recruiters. They have to know everything about a candidate to ensure they are a good fit for the company and that the candidate can do the role in question.

This report sheds light on the different types of risk involved in organisations’ recruitment practices.